Terms & Conditions
1. Xed Intellect Pvt. Ltd. (Xed) will provide the access to xedknowledge.com for “Certification in Business Awareness” only upon receipt and realization of the full amount from the subscriber of the Xed CBA program.

2. Xed CBA Program is valid for a period of 12 weeks and access to xedknowledge.com will be made available to the subscriber from the date of signup.

3. Amount paid for the Xed CBA is not refundable.

4. Xed hereby notifies to the subscriber that there can be possibility of receiving unwanted / spam calls / messages from third Parties. The identity, background and objective of such calling / messages should be verified by the subscriber before taking any decision on reliance of such calls/messages.

5. Xed reserves its right to not provide Xed CBA Program to any subscriber or reject any insertion or information/data or request provided by the subscriber without assigning any reason. But in such an eventuality, any amount so paid for and not appropriated for the subscribed services, will be refunded to the user/subscriber on pro-rata basis at the sole discretion of Xed Intellect.

6. Any content uploaded by Xed on the xedknowledge.com website shall not be copied/reproduced by the subscriber for any commercial reason. In case of violation, Xed reserves the right to terminate the subscription of the subscriber without any refund whatsoever.

7. The maximum liability, if any, of Xed Intellect Pvt. Ltd. is limited to the extent of the amount paid by the subscriber to Xed Intellect Pvt. Ltd.

8. The Courts at Pune, India alone shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute in this connection.